Nepali Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hon. Mr. Kamal Thapa Visits DEC

On 28 December 2015, Nepali Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hon. Mr. Kamal Thapa Paid a visit to DEC, and warmly received by DEC Chairman Mr. Wang Ji and Vice President Mr. Huang Wei.

Minister of Nepali Legal, Judicial and Council Business Department Hon. Mr. Agni Prasad Kharel, Nepali Executive Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Shanker Das Bairagi, Nepali Ambassador to China Dr. Mahesh Kumar Maskey, Nepali Executive Deputy Financial Minister Mr. Lokdarshan Regmi, Executive Deputy Minister of Nepali Business and Supply Department Mr. Naindra Prasad Upadhaya also attended as the entourage.

Mr. Wang Ji accompanied Mr. Thapa on the visit to DEC Science and Exhibition Hall, briefing the distinguished guests the historical development, industrial layout, technological innovation and international business of the company, pinpointing in particular the concerned information upon solar and hydro power development. Mr. Deputy Prime Minister also heard special report regarding power plant execution and market exploration of DEC in Nepal.

After the visit, Mr. Wang Ji and Mr. Deputy Prime Minister made cordial exchanges with each other. Mr. Deputy Prime Minister is impressed with the vast contributions that DEC has made for world energy development; he also pointed out that he would be greatly appreciated if DEC can pace up with its development and extensively participate in the Nepali power construction by inviting DEC top management to Nepal for further and enhanced cooperation.

Mr. Wang Ji responded with great honor and mentioned that Nepal is China’s good neighbor. Although DEC has already been engaged in some small hydro projects in Nepal, the company is devoted to participating more extensively in Nepali economic development and hoping to render the accumulated expertise, technology, capability and services to the local power construction. He signified that Deputy Prime Minister’s visit today symbolizes a new beginning to mutual cooperation!

Mr. Deputy Prime Minister is later being interviewed by Sichuan Daily, SCTV and some other news media. Before his leave, he wrote an inscription as a memento, indicating that he is impressed with the visit and hope the two parties can further enhance cooperation in the near future.

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