Premier li Keqiang’s Message to DEC: Striving to be China’s GE

On 25 April, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council li Keqiang inspected DEC headquarter in Chengdu, accompanied by Director of theSecretariat of the CPC Central Committee,State Councilor and Secretary General of the State Council Yang Jing, Minister of National Development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi, and Secretary of Sichuan provincial Party Committee Wang Dongming.

This marks the third visit of Premier Likeqiang to DEC. Within half a year right after 5·12Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, Premier Likeqiang visited twice the badly stricken
subsidiary of DEC Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd.(DTC) indicated the principle and propelled well the reconstruction of the devastated factory. The brilliant and wise leadership worked wonders and the new DTC was successfully rebuilt and back on track after a year and 9 months.

During this visit, Premier attaches special attention to DEC’s Independent R&D capability, enquired in detail the localization of nuclear power equipment while touring around the “manufacturing equipments” exhibition zone. On hearing Party Secretary and Chairman of DEC Wang Ji and President of DEC Si Zefu’s report regading independent R&D achievement in and application of nuclear power turbine last stage blade and large-scale welded rotor, Premier Li incites DEC to make greater progress and be China’s GE, striving to proceed into new industrial arena.

While visiting DEC Central Research Institute, Premier Li heard from expert of National Thousand Talents program Doctor Tang Hao, the R&D progress in fuel cell, especially the high-level safety and economics of the cell in question. He pointed out that, the reduced costs and distributed power generation will be available for renovation of old city zone, ancient city and run-down areas.

Premier Li also visits All
 vanadium redox flow battery(VRB) laboratory, tabling proposals for  higher storage density and reducing cell volume.

During the visit, Premier Li shows special concern for the balance of work and life amongst the R&D personnel and enquired frequently the disposable income of them. He encourages the company to give option awards to the top-notch talents and shall grant them adequate opportunities to go out to learn and visit.

Premier Li addresses that it is the very first experience of visiting fuel cell and storage cell laboratory. More importantly, I am greatly impressed that DEC is the first company to industrialize the fuel cells.

While his visit drawing to a close, premier Li said out loud, “next time when I come here, I hope you become better comparable with GE.”

DEC will bear deep in mind the message from Premier Li and strive to be the “GE” of China. During the 13th Five Year Period, we will proactively adapt to the “New Normal”, practice the five concepts for development, with restructuring, transformation and upgrading as the main principle, greatly upgrading the equipment manufacturing and make faster move to finishing construction of an internationally competitive power equipment conglomerate.

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