Haiphong Phase II Unit 4 FAC Duly Received

Upon the receipt of Haiphong Phase II unit 3 FAC on 31 January 2016, the Company continue to make concerted efforts in nailing the construction schedule of unit 4, with overhauling in-warranty period done 6 days ahead of the contractual requirement and the 2-year warranty period running out on 27 April. This puts a complete period to all the liabilities of the Company in Haiphong phase II project and a symbolizes a complete success of the project in question.

On 28 April, a grand FAC signatory ceremony was held in Haiphong power plant.  Vice president of EVN Mr. Nguy?n Tài Anh, heads of Haiphong power plant, Vice president of DEC Ltd. and President of DEC Ltd. International Mr. Han Zhiqiao, clients, supervisors, and all participating parties attended the ceremony.

Leaders of the Vietnam Owners delivered remarks upon the completion of the Haiphong project. They confirmed the stable running of the two units for Haiphong phase II, the high availability of the units in operation, the sound economic efficacy brought to EVN and the profound contributions the project has made to the economic development of North Vietnam. The owners expressed sincere thanks for DEC and all participating parties in nailing the outstanding achievements and expect to keep favorable cooperative relations with DEC in future maintenance, overhauling, and renovation work. Mr. Han Zhiqiao pointed out that DEC has overcome tremendous difficulties confronted while undertaking Haiphong Phase II project and extended heartfelt appreciations for all the devoted efforts throughout the construction period.

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