DEC Ltd. held 2011 Interim Results Presentation through live webcast

On 22nd, August, DEC Ltd. held 2011 Interim Results Presentation by the method of live webcast. Mr. Wen Shugang, President of the Company, Mr. Gong Dan, chief accountant and secretary to the Board of the Company and other managements participated in this Presentation and answered the questions for the investors.

First of all, President Wen gave an opening mark. He pointed out, thoroughly following the guidelines of “adjusting structure, driving innovation, strengthening management, and enhancing quality” and implementing “three shifts”, namely shifting from scale expansion to efficiency and profit growth, shifting from business expansion to strength enhancement, and shifting from manufacturing-based operations to manufacturing and service-based operations, DEC Ltd. took active measures to minimize the adverse effects of the global economic downturn and the decreasing demand in power market on the operation of the Company and forged ahead with concerted efforts, thus sustaining a steady growth.

In the Q & A section, the investors enthusiastically proposed many questions. They paid special attention to the following topics: the orders on thermal market, the strong demand on gas market, the continuously growing hydro market, and the development of nuclear market, the prospect of wind power, etc.

In order to make more investors know the Company’s operation, this Presentation adopted the method of live webcast. Before this Presentation, there was announcement for this presentation, trying to attract more investors to participate. The Presentation lasted for nearly 2 hours.

After the Presentation, DEC Ltd. participated the tele-conference organized by Deutsche Bank and well received the visited investors.

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