Teluk Naga 3×315MW Thermal Power Plant Project came to a successful conclusion

Recently, DEC received the FAC from PLN for 3# unit in Teluk Naga Project. This marks all three units were transferred to the owner, which will be put into operation as scheduled.

Teluk Naga 3×315MW Thermal Power Plant Project is the project which has the maximum units with the largest total installed capacities among PLN 10000MW project package. This project is located in the coast of suburb Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and in the important load center in Indonesian power system. The Project is the key to guarantee the electricity supply of Jakarta.

In 2011, three units in Teluk Naga Project were combined to the grids one after another. All three units passed 30-day RR with optimized performance indexes. This created a new record that it has the maximum units put into operation in one year among the overseas projects constructed by Chinese corporation.

In Indonesian 10000MW power project package, DEC is the main contractor for two projects with 9 units. With the projects combined to the grid, the units capacities put into Indonesia by DEC are more than 3600MW, accounting for 10% of Indonesian total installed capacity.
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