On 15 April 2015, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, which decided to approve the construction of Fuqing Unit 5&6—“Hualong No.1” Third Generation nuclear power demonstration project, and promote steadfast development whilst adjusting the energy structure.

“Hualong No.1” is a third generation type of units that formed upon the 30-year experience in regards to R&D, design, manufacturing and operation of nuclear power plants. The units draws lessons from the international 3G nuclear power advanced concept and adopt the world high-level safety research and design, the safety and performance parameter of which has achieved the world advanced 3G nuclear technology and has gained its full IPR, laying a solid foundation for our government to push forward the strategy for domestic nuclear technology to step outside to the world.

DEC assumed the host equipment design and manufacturing tasks for “Hualong No.1” demonstration project and Fuqing unit 5&6 project steam generator, TG package and so on. The TG package is independently developed by DEC with our own IPR and high safety parameter and advanced technological reliability.

As the first supplier for “Hualong No.1” demonstration project, DEC is bound to fulfill all construction requirements on schedule and with quality warranty, taking advantage of which, uplifting the independent R&D and manufacturing capability, so as to vigorously follow the “go out” strategy and strive to be the large power generating equipment enterprises with international competitive edge. DEC is conducted to provide new momentum for the sustainable development of the economy and society with high-efficient, clean and safe green power.

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