DEC Ltd has dedicated to supply a solution of a low carbon power technology and the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Since 1990s, we stepped into the field of supplying 1000MW class nuclear power equipments.  DEC has been engaged in many key nuclear projects In Ling'ao Phase I; DEC manufactured the main nuclear island equipments, such as Steam Generator and Pressurizer. It also supplied components and parts for Steam Turbine and Generator and its auxiliary system. In Ling'ao Phase II, DEC manufactured main nuclear island equipments and main equipments for conventional island. Now all those equipments of Ling'ao Phase I and PhaseⅡare performing well and running stably. In 2004, DEC Ltd. set up the manufacturing base with port for heavy nuclear equipments in Nansha, Guangzhou Province. Since 2005, DEC Ltd. has signed the equipment supply contracts for nuclear island and conventional island for Ling'ao Phase II, Hongyanhe, Ningde, Fangjiashan, Fuqing, Taishan, Tianwan, Sanmen, Haiyang, Changjiang and Fangchenggang nuclear power plant projects, covering reactor type of Generation II plus, EPR and AP1000 technology.
Nowadays, we are capable of batch production for 1000MW class (output range 1000MW-1800MW) PWR nuclear power plant equipments, and have achieved the annual capacity of 8 sets of conventional island equipments and 6 sets of nuclear island main equipments for nuclear power plant all over the world.
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