DEC Ltd. has possessed a complete product series of thermal power products of boiler, steam turbine, generator and related auxiliaries equipment including HP heater, LP heater, deaerator, boiler feedwater pump turbine, and large DC, AC and variable frequency motors, etc., with unit parameters covering intermediate pressure, high pressure, super high pressure, subcricital pressure, supercritical pressure and ultra supercritical pressure and with the maximum unit capacity up to 1000MW.

Ahering to the principle of innovation and introduction of the world-class advanced technology, DEC Ltd. now possesses world leading technologies, such as 300MW and 600MW circulating fluidized bed boiler, 600MW subcritical and supercritical W-flame boiler, 600MW Orimulsion boiler, 300MW, 600MW and 1000MW cogeneration steam turbine, air cooled steam turbine, air cooled cogeneration steam turbine and air cooled turbo-generator. In particular, the world first 1000MW ultra supercritical air cooled unit had been put into operation in Ningwu Power Plant of China Huadian Corporation in the end of 2010.


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